Acute & Chronic Conditions in All Stages of Life



Whether it's physical, mental, or both - I treat many patients suffering from recent or chronic fatigue. Let me help you regain your vitality.


I am experienced in treating hypo- and hyperthyroidism, including Hashimoto's and Grave's diseases. I also treat patients with adrenal dysfunction, often due to chronic stress. I can help you rebalance your HPA axis.


I frequently help patients who are suffering from mood disorders. The therapies I use are gentle and safe to use in conjunction with any current prescription medications you may already be taking. If you want help weaning off existing medications, in many cases, I can work with your other providers to help you do so safely.


Sometimes undesired weight gain is the result of more than just a poor diet. I work with patients to figure out all of the factors that may be contributing. If you're struggling to lose weight, and keep it off, let me help you. I pair my background in nutrition with my naturopathic training to help patients finally succeed in looking and feeling their best.


From abdominal bloating and pain, to constipation or diarrhea - I can help you figure out what's causing your GI distress. 


I treat a wide range of conditions affecting adolescent and adult females; from PMS and PCOS, to menopause, I can help you feel vibrant again.


I treat many patients with hypertension, pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol. In many cases, I can help patients reverse their high blood pressure and insulin resistance, allowing patients to safely discontinue many of their medications. I work with patients to reduce their risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.


Whether you're concerned about prevention or slowing progression, there are actionable steps you can take to improve your outcomes and quality of life. I have experience working with families to help their loved ones maintain a sense of independence. And I'm keenly aware that caretakers need support too; you don't have to feel alone or overwhelmed during this difficult time.  


You no longer have to suffer from the pain, fatigue, mood changes, and other symptoms associated with this disorder. I help patients go months to years without flares, and feel like themselves again.


I help patients of all ages get relief naturally from the discomfort and embarrassment caused by skin disorders.


If great, restorative sleep is something you're struggling with, let me help you reclaim your night.


Perhaps you already feel okay, but know you could be living life more healthy-fully. If you're looking to live life to its fullest potential and be the best possible version of you, let's work together to create a customized plan to fine-tune your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. 

This is a short list of conditions I frequently treat, however I have extensive training in naturopathic family medicine and am experienced in treating a variety of health concerns.

If you have a condition not listed, chances are, I can help.


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