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Testimonials: Testimonial

When I first started seeing Dr. Wheeler, I was in so much pain from my fibromyalgia being flared up for years. She took the time to listen to what I had to say, as well as go over all of my medical issues (there are a lot) and just treated me like a person and not a medical nightmare or a hypochondriac. It took a few appointments, but we got my fibro under control (with only a few flare ups a month and only lasting a day or two at a time). Now we are now focusing on my weight to help manage other medical issues.  Dr. Wheeler is the best doctor I have had in years.  I never feel rushed or put off with her. Her helping me manage my pain is more than I can ever thank her for.

I first saw Dr. Wheeler when I was having some hormonal imbalances. I had gained weight, felt tired and was feeling a bit depressed. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Wheeler. She talked with me, listened to my concerns and did an overall examination in addition to ordering labs. She was extremely thorough in her quest to help me become the best version of me. Dr. Wheeler takes her knowledge, along with patient input, and creates an individualized plan to help each patient achieve success in their health. I have already referred some of my friends to her and they are having great experiences as well. I am so happy to have found a doctor who really takes the time necessary to make each patient's experience positive. Thank you Dr. Wheeler!

Dr. Wheeler has been my primary care doctor for over three years and has gone above and beyond to help me. Dr. Wheeler has time and time again provided me with excellent medical care and general wellness advice. From suggesting ways to be more consistent about taking medication to suggesting dietary changes to alleviate Hashimoto’s disease symptoms. In addition to alleviating symptoms through medication, diet changes, and supplements, Dr. Wheeler took the time to explain what short-term and long-term treatments were available to me. Dr. Wheeler was the first doctor to take the time to explain what an autoimmune disease is, how it is treated, what my lab results show and what can be done. She truly cares about the wellbeing of her patients. Dr. Wheeler has helped me become a happier and healthier person over the past three years. I would highly recommend Dr. Wheeler especially to those struggling with autoimmune diseases.

I started seeing Dr. Wheeler for fibromyalgia in March of 2017.  Prior to seeing her I had worked with other naturopathic doctors but I had never been treated with homeopathic therapy. This is the therapy Dr. Wheeler chose to treat me with and initially, I was dubious of its effectiveness.  I am SOO glad I gave it a try.  Dr. Wheeler and homeopathy have been a real life saver for me.  My quality of life has improved tremendously.  The fibromyalgia pain has virtually disappeared with only a few random flare-ups and even when I am experiencing a flare-up the intensity and duration is much less. My energy has increased substantially.  Because I work a lot of hours during the week, weekends were solely for rest and recuperation, so I could have the energy to go back to work on Monday.  Now, I am able to get things done over the weekend. Dr. Wheeler has truly taken me to the next level of health and I see continued improvements every day.  She has always been kind, attentive and caring with me and has gone above and beyond, offering me phone consultations when I needed minor tweaks to my treatment.  She is thorough, comprehensive and takes her time with me during our appointments.  I always leave our office visits feeling like she genuinely has my best interest in mind.  Thank you, Dr. Wheeler. I am so grateful for you and I look forward to continue working with you in my healing journey.  

When I was diagnosed with an intestinal parasite while still breastfeeding my son, my treatment options were very limited. I didn’t want to terminate breastfeeding early but couldn’t endure my severe daily GI symptoms any longer. I am so grateful I decided to try homeopathy under Dr. Wheeler’s care. She is an excellent homeopath, knowledgeable and efficient. Her compassionate, warm demeanor created a comfortable environment for me to discuss my embarrassing symptoms. To my complete amazement, less than a week after spending one hour with her and getting my homeopathic remedy, my symptoms, which had been constant for the prior 6 months, were alleviated. I was beyond ecstatic.


I have seen Dr. Wheeler on several occasions after that initial visit and she is always patient, informative and kind. I have always seen drastic improvement following her homeopathic remedy prescriptions for me and as a result, have referred several friends and family members to her.


Dr. Wheeler is a fantastic naturopathic doctor who truly cares about her patients.

Dr. Wheeler, I would like to let you know that I LOVE you being my doctor. 


From day 1, you took several hours getting to know me and all of my health issues.  You were very detailed in taking notes and really listened to my every word.  You then went over your plan for me in detail. I have never found a doctor that ever cared that much before, or even gave me more than 15 minutes of their time, needless to say you gave me several hours. To this day you still are the very same doctor that I started with. One that truly

cares about me and my health.


I would recommend Dr. Miriam Wheeler to anyone. She has turned my life around in how much better I am feeling these days. 


THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Dr. Wheeler is the best thing that happened to our family once moving to Arizona 2 years ago! I was desperate to find a doctor, especially for my daughter who suffered with psoriasis. My daughter was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 4, while we were living in North Carolina. While we had great care with a well known pediatric dermatologist there, the forms of treatment just weren’t working. She had “spots” on her face, legs, ears, scalp, back and torso. We were given numerous steroid creams, ointments, foams and much more to try and combat this incurable autoimmune condition. It left her with not only red, super itchy, scaly spots that she would scratch until she bled, but the treatments bleached her skin where we’d applied the creams. She would tell me daily how she hated her spots, and I feared kids would start to make fun of her. It was heartbreaking! And as a mother, I felt so helpless that  everything we were trying just wouldn’t help her! Because we were struggling to clear up her skin, her former doctor suggested she try an oral medication that was a low-dose form of chemo. But a common side effect of this medication was infertility. I struggled with what to do, because how could I decide the fate of my daughter's future in that way, especially when she was only 6 years old! We decided not to try that form of treatment and shortly thereafter moved to Arizona with no relief.


I grew up with Dr. Wheeler. Many times she’d suggested homeopathy but we didn’t have the option with our insurance in North Carolina, nor were there many options to see a Naturopath there. Once we got to Arizona and I found out her office accepted our insurance I literally cried happy tears! I was hoping that Dr. Wheeler and homeopathy would be the answer we had been looking for. 


Every appointment with her is so refreshing and you leave feeling so hopeful! She takes the time to get to know the whole patient, and what's actually the root cause of the symptoms. She treats you as a whole and not just treats the individual symptom. She’s kind, caring and has so much empathy for her patients! She’s called numerous times to check in on us and makes sure treatments are working and I just absolutely love that about her!


When Dr. Wheeler first started treatment for my daughter, we had to keep her on the steroids and the homeopathy at the same time to monitor her response. Slowly we weaned her off the steroid creams  and other modern medicine treatments she was using and just used the homeopathy. I was absolutely amazed and in disbelief when her spots started to disappear! Today, my daughter is 8 and her spots are completely gone. She is fully into remission! If she ever gets a common cold, the psoriasis will start to show its ugly face again in her hair, but with just one dose of the homeopathic medicine, it is completely gone within a week! I can’t even begin to explain the relief, joy and just pure thankfulness we feel for Dr. Wheeler and what she has done for our little girl!


Dr. Wheeler is our hero who doesn’t wear a cape, but a stethoscope! Because of her great success with our daughter, Dr. Wheeler has also become mine and our son's primary care doctor as well. For me, she treats, with great success a range of things from a malfunctioning thyroid, to anxiety, and many other issues caused from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My body does not respond well to modern medicine, so being able to take this all-natural approach has made my medical conditions so much easier to manage!


I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Wheeler, naturopathic medicine, and homeopathy to anyone! She is an amazing doctor, with such great success in our family. We can never truly thank her enough for what she’s done! 

Dr. Wheeler has been my primary care doctor for a few years and has always taken the time to hear and address all my symptoms and concerns.  She has researched and diagnosed some medical issues that traditional doctors missed or wouldn't take the time to properly treat. I feel that I definitely get the best care with Dr. Wheeler. My daughter has begun seeing her as well, and she has even told me that Dr. Wheeler is the only doctor she prefers to see. I feel that Dr. Wheeler is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patients, as patients and as people too.  

I find Dr. Wheeler to be a very caring doctor. She asks a lot of questions and listens closely to your answers so she can give you the best advice and treatment. She has a great attention to detail, which probably saved my life. She is compassionate and has a wicked sense of humor. I would highly recommend her to anyone! 

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