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Compassionate Care

I have a passion for helping patients become the best possible version of themselves. When a person is no longer suffering from physical, mental, or emotional problems, they can fully enjoy their life, care for their family and community, and achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Patients are more than just their symptoms, and as a naturopathic doctor, I strive to understand my patients from a holistic perspective. I spend time listening to my patients, and I investigate the underlying cause of their problems. 

My treatment approach is individualized and patient-centered. I treat acute and chronic conditions in patients of all ages, though the majority of my patients are adults. I utilize therapies that promote and restore health in a safe, gentle, and effective manner. Whenever possible, I recommend therapies that stimulate the body's innate ability to heal. I believe that this gentle, yet profound approach allows for recovery, while simultaneously lowering patients' predisposition to future illness. 

I look forward to working with you, and helping to empower you to reclaim your health!

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