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Heal Yourself Naturally

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Green Goodness


Let Food Be Your Medicine

Eating a healthy diet is foundational for optimal wellness. But knowing what to eat can be confusing, especially with so much conflicting advice out there. On top of all that, it can be hard to stick to restrictive diets. 

I pair my background in nutrition with my naturopathic training (naturopathic medical students receive approximately 150 hours of nutritional training in the classroom!) to educate patients about diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that promote wellness and prevent disease. 


Stimulate Self-Healing

Have you ever injured yourself, maybe a minor bump or a scratch, and by the next morning your body had done its thing and repaired itself? You wake up, and your skin is healed.


We all have this incredible and inherent ability to self-heal. Homeopathy, unlike traditional and conventional medicines, taps into this ability. Rather than suppressing symptoms, homeopathy stimulates the body's natural, self-healing ability. 

I have extensive training in classical, Hahnemannian homeopathy. I utilize this treatment option often, as it can be used safely in conjunction with other medications and supplements to bring about more profound healing for patients.

Herbal Remedies


Supportive Therapies

Sometimes patients need extra support to achieve optimal wellness and prevent disease. I utilize nutritional and herbal supplementation to help patients manage side effects of medications, replace pharmaceuticals when appropriate, correct deficiencies, and become more balanced. 

 I also prescribe thyroid medication and bio-identical hormones for patients* who are in need of hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identical hormones are associated with fewer risks and side effects compared to synthetic hormones. When indicated, I work with compounding pharmacies to customize the dose and delivery method for patients based on their needs and lifestyle. 

*I am only able to prescribe and manage hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and thyroid medications for patients located in Arizona and California. See my FAQs page for more information.

Diet & Nutrition
Supplement & HRT


Empowerment through Knowledge

I use conventional laboratory tests along with specialty tests to diagnose and guide my treatment plans for patients. I also order labs and imaging for screening purposes, and to assess risk of future illnesses. Repeat testing is performed to monitor progress. 

I find that patients feel more empowered in their healthcare plan when they are properly educated on labs and interpretation of results. I take the time to explain test results to patients so they better understand their diagnosis, prognosis, and progress. 

Standard lab tests are typically covered by insurance, though patients should always check their policy and confirm with their insurance provider before the draw.

For a partial list of conventional lab testing available at my office click here and for alternative labs offered, click here.


This is your chance to feel like yourself again, while preventing chronic disease. 

My holistic approach to healing will help you feel complete again.

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