Recommended Resources

Beyond Flat Earth Medicine
An introduction to homeopathy for students and patients, by Timothy Dooley, ND, MD
Dr. Iris Bell Webinar on Homeopathy
Current research and a proposed mechanism of action for homeopathic medicine by Iris Bell, MD, PhD - June 2017
Current Homeopathic Research
Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI): Resources and database for homeopathic research
The Spectrum Program
A dietary & lifestyle approach to improving health and reversing heart disease, by Dr. Dean Ornish
Eat to Live: A Plant Based Diet
Nutrient-dense, plant-rich dietary approach to improving health and preventing disease, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
How Not to Die - Foods for Health
Dietary approach to reversing and preventing major diseases, by Dr. Michael Greger
EWG Dirty Dozen 2021
The most important foods to buy organic
EWG Clean Fifteen 2021
The fifteen foods that are lowest in pesticide residue (safest fruits & veggies to eat non-organic)
EWG Healthy Living Guide
Guide to keeping a healthy home and reducing exposure to chemicals and pollutants in our home environment
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Licensed naturopathic doctors (NDs) are experts in using natural therapies to bring about healing and prevention of disease.  


Homeopathy is a distinct system of medicine that stimulates the body to self-heal. It's one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine in the world.



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