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Additional Information for Patients

What to Expect: Understanding the Homeopathic Treatment Process

Initial Visit

Let's meet! We'll discuss your health concerns and goals. If we both agree that you're a good candidate for homeopathic treatment, I'll explain the process in more detail, answer any questions you have, and get you scheduled for the homeopathy-focused visit. 

Plan on spending 1-2 hours with me at this visit. We'll discuss your medical history, I'll perform a physical examination and order any necessary labs and imaging. 

Homeopathy Focused Visit

At this visit, I'll take what's called your "homeopathic case." The main way this differs from any other office visit with a doctor is the level of detail I'll want you to go into when describing your symptoms.

Plan on spending 1-2 hours with me for this visit. I want to fully understand you and your symptoms to prescribe the most individualized homeopathic medicine for you.

Brief Check In

Sometimes we need to touch base before your scheduled follow up visit. If questions arise between your follow up appointments, please call the office and leave a message for me. I'll respond and answer your question, usually the same day. 

If your questions cannot be answered in a 5-10 minute phone call, please call my office and schedule an appointment. I offer phone appointments too, if this is more convenient.

Follow Up Visits

For most patients, a 30-60 minute follow up visit is scheduled monthly for the first several months of homeopathic treatment. This initial frequency ensures superior patient care. In many cases, only an annual visit is needed eventually.


Even if you're feeling better, it's important you follow up as directed. Sometimes slight adjustments to your homeopathic prescription are needed to ensure you're always becoming healthier. 

Homeopathic Treatment FAQ

How long will it take to see results?

Most patients who are being treated with chronic concerns report improvement in the frequency and/or severity of their problems within 2-4 weeks of initiating homeopathic treatment. Often, patients' symptoms resolve completely with continued treatment. For certain conditions, remission can often be achieved as well. 

Acute problems should resolve within days to weeks, though you should see improvement in your symptoms within 24 hours. 

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